PS4 Pro Is Coming


It’s that time, console hardware refresh time! The time when the console wars fire back up to extend the life cycle of the brand. By this time we’ve all heard the rumors about the PS4 Pro, we know what it’s got going on and what it doesn’t. Sony has made some peculiar design decisions with the Pro, namely the exclusion of a HDR DVD player. Let’s talk games first though.

PS4 Pro “Enabled” Games

Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate are just a few to name that are getting some 4k love. Of course not all PS4 Pro titles are going to have special graphics modes, but all of them will benefit from the hardware performance boost – and some of them could really use the extra oomph. I’m looking at you, Bloodborne.

Hardware Choices

We’ve got one of our first native 4K gaming consoles, yet no UHD DVD player, a surprising move on Sony’s part. Perhaps it was too costly to bundle in and keep PS4 at the same price point? We’ll have to see what Xbox Scorpio brings to the table next year. Beyond the optical drive choice it looks like the Pro is going to be a bit larger and heftier than the OG PS4, and will likely put out some more heat but we’ll have to see. We’ve also got a new controller design and a new webcam design that are a bit sleeker but ultimately still identical.

4K and Beyond

With 4K native resolution being supported, and games running in full 4k HD we’re going to see some really beautiful screenshots coming down the line. Unfortunately the rest of 4K content will need to catch up as well. Not much content on Netflix or other streaming services is in 4k yet, and without the 4k DVD player the scope of UHD content on the Pro will be mostly relegated to the titles themselves. It’s not a bad thing, but it would be great to see a bit more future proofing done by Sony. Perhaps a firmware update in the future could enable UHD DVD playback? Doubtful, but we’ll hold out hope.



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